Accelerate your Coaching Effectiveness (Ayce)


Ayce is an online survey which you, as a coach, can use to evaluate your coaching engagement quantitatively, complete with a comprehensive look on your coaching skills and the effect these had on your coaching clients.


Developed based on ICF's core competencies and thousands of gathered data on coaching

Based on the core competencies of International Coach Federation (ICF), Ayce evaluates various coaching skills such as "listening" and "questioning". Combined with data gathered from over 2,000 coaching engagements, the survey includes a total of 24 questions.

Get a clearer picture of your coaching effectiveness

The evaluation results are divided into categories such as "encouraging proactive behavior" and "change in perspectives" showing your strengths and areas of improvement as a coach. The results can also be used to see the differences in how the coach and the client experienced the coaching engagement.

A multilingual platform for coaches around the world

Ayce is a multilingual platform in which coaching from around the world can use. It is currently available in three languages: English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Product Details


Ayce has a total of 24 questions. Categories include:
・Coaching evaluation: 2 questions
・Coaching skills: 10 questions
・Coaching effectiveness: 10 questions
・Coaching agreement: 1 question
・Free response: 1 question
You can take a look at all the question items here.


Ayce is used to evaluate your coaching engagement with your client during or after the coaching engagement. The evaluation consists of two parts: your self-evaluation and the client's evaluation. To start using the evaluation, take a look at our step-by-step instructions here.

Evaluation results

After completing both your self-evaluation and the client's evaluation, results can be viewed online in the form of a report. You can take a look at a sample of the evaluation report here.

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