Creating a Transformative Organization through Flexible Leadership
Changing the approach leaders should take depending on the direct reports' accountability

What skill must a leader have to beat the competition?
In organizations whose leaders have high "Learning Agility," the foundation of transformation is established

Impact of Coaching Varies with the Proficiency Level of the Coach
Highly proficient coaches are highly valued by clients and have three impacts that make a difference

Features of organizations considered innovative by their Head
Most common three key factors are: goal-oriented, customer-oriented, agreement with corporate philosophy

President's Behavior is a Key Factor in Creating a Culture of Innovation
What separates companies with strong relationships among their leaders from other companies?

Survey on Japanese expatriates in China
“Sense of Challenge”, “Communication of vision” and “Networking” are the keys to successful expatriate assignment

Leaders, ask questions first
“Questioning” opens two-way communication leading to new discoveries

Accelerating direct reports' action towards achieving goals
The key is continuous communication about the goal, sharing the same organizational goal, and giving specific feedback.

Improving Employee Engagement of Senior Executives
Presidents should interact with senior executives to promote their growth and provide clarity in direction

How do relationships among senior managers affect the entire organization?
When the president and senior executives are not exchanging their opinions, this may potentially lead to lower engagement among members of the organization

Why it's better for coaches to ask for feedback
Clients whose coaches asked for feedback more often felt that the coaching was effective in terms of goal achievement.

What Do Leaders Gain By Being Coached?
Leaders being coached are more goal-conscious and the positive effects of coaching continue beyond the coaching engagement

Goal Achievement and Performance Reviews
Performance reviews are great opportunities to guide your direct reports in achieving goals

How to Create a Culture of Innovation?
Strong correlation between communication between senior executives and collaboration within organizations

How Executives Succeed in Executive Coaching
An excerpt from our latest research study on Executive Coaching

Creating Good Relationships with Staff
An excerpt from the Survey of Global Values and Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations

A Global Comparison of Leadership Styles
An excerpt from the Survey of Global Values and Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations

What Qualities Make a Great Leader?
An excerpt from the Survey of Global Values and Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations

What Effects Do Successful Executives Gain From Coaching?
Successful executives have improved their problem-solving skills and relationship-building as a result of coaching.

What Leadership Qualities Do Presidents Think They Need?
Company leaders want to further enhance their resilience to change and felt there were still issues with interpersonal communication.

What Coaches Do to Help Clients Achieve Their Goals
Coaches who talked more about goals in their coaching sessions helped clients achieve their goals.

What Direct Reports Want From Their Leaders
Direct reports have expectations of their leaders to create change

Factors Which Can Influence Changes in an Organization
“Connection between employees” showed the strongest correlation to influencing changes into an organization based on our findings regarding leadership and workplace conditions.

Top 5 Benefits the Clients May Gain From Executive Coaching
“Clarifying Vision” was the top ranked benefit based on our findings on the effects of coaching from a sample of 107 executive clients.