How Executives Succeed through Executive Coaching

CSES Survey Report 2015

November 17, 2015

How Executives Succeed through Executive Coaching

Based on data gathered from over 2,500 clients from 28 countries, the research study examined the characteristics of executives who have experienced high levels of success as a result of executive coaching, also examining the executive coaching itself.

Research overview:
215 clients from 13 countries who have received executive coaching
2,512 clients from 28 countries who have received coaching
*These clients were coached by 198 coaches from 16 countries
Table of Contents:
1. Overview
2. The gap between the degree of 'satisfaction' and 'results' reported by executives undergoing executive coaching
3. Executives who achieved high level results through executive coaching experienced major changes with themselves
4. Executives coaches interacted with the executives by having conversations on goals and using effective tools to produce better results
5. Take-away

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