DAIBE Assessment
(DAIBE:Dialogue Activation for Innovative Business Execution)

DAIBE Assessment(DAIBE:Dialogue Activation for Innovative Business Execution) is an assessment procedure designed to lay out and understand the current state of the interpersonal relationships/leadership/communication among the members of the management meeting that is charged with the execution of management duties for the organization. It can be utilized to seek the potential for transformation within the management team aimed at improving enterprise value and organizational reform.


DAIBE Assessment provides new perspectives to initiatives by members of Management Meetings aimed at increasing enterprise value or putting corporate philosophies to practice through the following three points:

1. Quantitative Measurement of "State of Management Meetings" and "Leadership of Each Management Meeting Member"
This part illustrates;
  • Whether the Management Meeting is functioning properly as a forum for discussions and decision making aimed at improving enterprise value.
  • Whether Executive Directors are displaying leadership at Management Meetings in order to improve enterprise value.
  • Whether the CEO is displaying leadership so that members of Management Meetings can fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
2. Network Diagrams to Visualize the States of "Dialogues Between Management Meeting Members" That Are Aimed at Improving Enterprise Value
This part illustrates;
  • What kinds of dialogues are taking place between Management Meeting members in order to put corporate philosophies to practice.
  • What kinds of dialogues Management Meeting members shall generate between themselves in order to put corporate philosophies to practice.
3. Results Report by Researchers from Coaching Research Institute (Optional)

Researchers from Coaching Research Institute will report on the results, one time each, to the CEO and the Management Meeting.


1. Web-based Survey (Approximately 40 Questions) 
  • Questions about the Management Meeting/about the state of the Management Meeting members/about the leadership of the President
  • Available languages : Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese
2. Report to the Management Meeting and the CEO

Survey Responders

The Management Meeting Members

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